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Unemployment Cost Management Resources

A Simple Solution to Unemployment Cost Management
Simplify claims, minimize costs, and ensure compliance

Unemployment Insurance Integrity - Compliance
Overview of new UI Integrity legislation, state interpretations, and employer UI strategies moving forward

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) – Updates

WOTC Hiatus - Time to Evaluate WOTC Performance
An opportunity to review tax credit capture process and procedures to maximize benefits.

Potential permanency and expansion of WOTC
The White House released their 2015 budget proposal, including permanent extension and expanded qualification definitions.

UI Integrity Update: Compliance through CaseBuilder

Join us for the next in our quarterly webinar series on legislation regarding UI Integrity (Unemployment Insurance Integrity) and its impact on employers. We'll provide updates on state interpretations of the federal mandate, best practices for meeting the new requirements for timely and adequate claims responses and many other key topics.

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