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Tax Management Services Brochure

Learn about all Equifax can do for your organization to reduce your tax liability and risk, including managing your unemployment costs.

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Unemployment Insurance Integrity: What Employers Need to Know

Article from the Journal of State Taxation where Equifax explores the trend of shifting unemployment insurance integrity from the states to employers.

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News and Tips

Find the latest information on legislative issues and advice on how to manage your tax liabilities.

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Equifax simplifies the unemployment process.

With an unrivaled team of experts, coupled with advanced service technologies and the industry's most extensive workforce analytics, Equifax produces bottom line results for our valued customers.

Unemployment Costs are Rising

The recent economic recession has placed significant pressure on state agencies faced with providing increased unemployment benefits. As a result, unemployment costs have risen nearly 80% over the last several years to an average of $560 per employee.

UI Integrity Interactive Map

Hover over any state to access state-specific information including adequate claims response standards, definition of a "pattern of failure" and penalties for non-compliance.

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White Paper

Unemployment Insurance Integrity– A Focus On Compliance

An overview of the new UI Integrity legislation, state interpretations of the federal mandate, and employer UI compliance strategies moving forward.

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Relieving the Burden of Claims Administration

Equifax will take the hassle of handling claims and meeting state requirements out of your hands. We work directly with you and your managers to collect all the data necessary to meet the state's deadlines, reducing your claim exposure and improving your results.

Our latest technological advancement, CaseBuilderTM, provides a centralized and secure location for efficiently monitoring your claims activity online while simplifying all case-related communications. Integrated with SIDES, which facilitates the electronic exchange of Unemployment Insurance information between state agencies and employers, CaseBuilder provides increased lead time on state information requests while ensuring that all details required for a correct initial ruling are provided.

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A Simple Solution to Unemployment Cost Management

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Improved Hearing Results

We know what to expect during a hearing and will help you present a complete and accurate case so you have the best chance of a favorable result.

We’ll Be Your Tax Expert

Equifax has tax professionals who are experts on a wide variety of tax issues, including strengthening your pay practices and helping you identify refund opportunities, especially those related to mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

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Don't Pay More Than You Should

State agencies aren't perfect, and errors are frequently made that affect your tax rate. Equifax will review your statements for accuracy and protest any erroneous charges.

Fortune 500 Employer in the Food Industry

"In 2009, the increase in the number of hearings attended resulted in $342,676 in liability avoided. For 2010, this amount was $663,913."

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Help Your Displaced Employees Find a Job

Help lower your unemployment costs, improve your company image/reputation, and reduce certain employment-related risks by providing displaced employees with the tools and support they need to find their next job more quickly.

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Keeping You Informed

Identify actionable trends with our easy-to-use reporting tool. It allows you to see the real-time status of claims, appeals and hearings, as well as perform custom reports.

Training Your Team

Teach your employees how to reduce risk by handling discipline and separations the right way.  Our Web-based training tool makes it easy to share a consistent message throughout your organization.  

Advocates For You

The Equifax State Relationship Team actively works with the Department of Labor and state agencies to improve processes for our clients. Regular legislative updates and tax intelligence tips keep you up-to-date on the latest trends.