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How Pacific Gas & Electric reduced call center volume with automated employment verifications

The Payroll Operations Manager at Pacific Gas & Electric talks about how her organization rolled out an automated employment verification system to ease the pressure on its call center and improve standardization of responses.

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Employment Verifications Bulletin

How are you verifying the verifyer?

June 2014 - Verifications Intelligence - Why FCRA Compliance Matters This page opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Protect, Automate and Save.

Bring security to your employment verification process with automated, uniform and controlled information release - That's The Work Number. We have over 205 million records, including two thirds of the Fortune 500 and businesses in all industries, of all sizes.

Infographic: Value of The Work Number

Usage data underscores the value of automated employment and income verifications.

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Controlled Access

We handle verifications completely in-house.  We host and manage all data, the verification fulfillment and our own call center so there are no outsourced providers between the information verifiers need and the data employers provide.

Direct Connection

Over 76,000 verifiers are registered and use our service. They come directly to us to fulfill verifications instead of contacting the employer, relieving you of the burden.

Permission Granted

All verifiers must provide a permissible purpose under FCRA guidelines in order to retrieve a verification.  They must have the right to access the verification.

Chuck E. Cheese's

"Because Chuck E. Cheese's proudly maintains the upmost standards of offering their employees the highest of service quality, they decided to return to Equifax."

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Superior Service

You simply transfer data to us each time you run payroll and we work directly with creditors, potential employers and government agencies to fulfill your employee requests.  Call center support for all parties involved, ensures things run smoothly and you don’t have to handle questions that will arise, we take them for you.

Identity Confirmed

Each company that requests verifications from The Work Number is credentialed before they can have access to our service.  In addition, we require each user to be individually registered.  We know who is pulling each verification.