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Learn how the W-2 service automates all phases of the W-2 process and removes the headaches of W-2 season.

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Stein Mart

"By going with the Equifax electronic W-2, Stein Mart was able to implement a faster, more efficient way of supplying employee W-2s which appealed to corporate and department store employees alike."

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End-to-end automation for W-2 season

Stop the yearly flood of W-2 distress calls with a complete solution including printing and distribution of paper-based W-2s and secure electronic W-2s, as well as a simple consent process for electronic W-2s and automation for reprints and corrections.


Lisa Harris discusses employee happiness with self-service and the burden relief of 400,000 W-2s.

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You eliminate the seasonal headaches and expenses of W-2 season. Your call centers won’t need temporary staffing. Printing and distribution costs decline dramatically. Employees get direct access via self-service to W-2 reprints by phone or fax, eliminating time and expense in your department.

W-2 Corrections

Correction requests go via the Web straight to your staff, where they can approve or deny them quickly. The system automatically generates the W-2c or responds with a denial.

Reissue Relief

Empower your employees with self-service functionality so they can quickly request reprints themselves from anywhere at any time. Reprints are delivered via mail, fax or Web, as the employee requests.

Compliance, Convenience

A simple, fully-compliant consent process allows employees to choose the electronic option and receive their W-2 faster.

Stein Mart and Electronic W-2s: Tips and Techniques From a Successful Project

Two HR professionals from Stein Mart talk about the company's electronic W-2 project and provide tips and techniques for achieving the best possible results.

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Employee Convenience

Employees can import their electronic W-2s directly to tax preparation software in seconds, or order a reprint from anywhere at any time.