Affordable Care Act Management Platform
Let us take the guesswork out of the Affordable Care Act.
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How are you managing the ACA?

The ACA brings unprecedented changes to workforce planning and management. Because changes in the regulations and your workforce are inevitable, maintaining compliance will become increasingly complex. Even the slightest error can translate into significant penalties. Do you have the right infrastructure in place to manage the ACA with confidence?

ACA Trifecta: expertise, data, and technology

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Award-winning technology designed by experts

Through partnerships with government agencies and legal experts, Equifax is equipped with the most thorough and current knowledge of ACA provisions. We've leveraged this expertise to create an award-winning platform that helps you with intricacies of the ACA lifecycle such as:

  • Measuring and tracking eligibility – The system is preconfigured to calculate eligibility and tracks all measurement periods for both new and ongoing employees.
  • Deciding to "pay or play" – The built-in models help you understand the impact, create a sound strategy, and indentify potential fines and risks.
  • Communicating eligibility status – Automated reports can be scheduled to notify stakeholders of potential changes in eligibility status.
  • Reporting to the IRS – The platform gathers and populates information to satisfy section 6055 and 6056 reporting requirements.
  • Adapting to changes – The calculations, models, and reports are updated as new provisions are rolled out, minimizing compliance risks.

Does your ACA solution cover all the bases?
Top 10 questions to ask before it's too late

If you are unable to answer 'yes' to just one of the questions on this list, you could be putting your organization at risk.

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