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Turnover by Geography

Alaska, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, and Louisiana rank as the top five states in highest turnover rate, but all of them are also in the top six in terms of hiring rate over the same time period. This correlation is typical because employees are not usually leaving the workforce, they are simply shifting from job to job. However, the states with the biggest deviation in their rankings are Kentucky (9th in hiring but 19th in turnover) and Vermont (23rd in turnover but only 32nd in hiring).

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Showing: Hover over a state to see annual turnover rates for the last 4 quarters (Q2 '13 - Q1 '14). Select an icon above to drill down by industry.

Voluntary vs. Involuntary Turnover Trends

Turnover continues to increasingly skew more towards voluntary reasons than involuntary. More than 60% of separations in Q1 2014 were voluntary, as compared to 57.9% for the same period year ago. As the economy continues to improve, there appears to be greater opportunity for employees to willingly change jobs.

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Fast Turnover

More than half of all employees who left their job in the past year did so within the first twelve months. Predictably, the Retail and Leisure industries – which have a high volume of hourly and seasonal workers – experienced a large percentage of fast turnover. However, Business Services (e.g. temporary staffing) has a comparable percentage of fast turnover as well.

HOT TOPIC: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires organizations to offer benefits to all employees that work an average of 30+ hours per week over a 3-12 month measurement period. Understanding fast turnover and the average tenure of hourly employees is critical for developing an effective ACA strategy and accurately forecasting potential benefit costs. To learn more about the ACA-related employment trends, visit our Affordable Care Act page.

About This Metric

Showing: Among employees who left their job in the past 4 quarters (Q2 '13 - Q1 '14), average length of service at that job. Select an icon above to drill down by industry.

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