The perfect form, right from the start.

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Onboarding Brochure

Learn how we turn your current new hire packet into an online employment center to reduce costs and improve compliance.

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Gear Up! Getting Your Hiring Process Ready for an Upturn

A panel of experts including Elaine Orler, President of Talent Function Group, discussed the key issues to consider for employers as they plan for an increase in the volume of new hires to onboard. Leading indicators of a rebound in hiring are explained.

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Compliance starts from the beginning.

Automate the process of collecting and managing new hire documentation to increase compliance, accuracy and efficiency.

Equifax can make your organization's entire onboarding process more accurate, efficient and compliant with a Web-based process that can save you both time and money. By using online forms and electronic signatures, your new hires are guided through your specific and customized forms checklist in a timely and convenient manner.

White Paper

Onboarding Best Practices for Higher Education

Learn how The University of Florida and Northern Arizona University facilitated a more streamlined and efficient onboarding process for new hires, hiring managers, and HR teams alike.

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Streamline Onboarding

We transform the traditional paper new hire packet into an automated, Web-based process that can start even before the first day. This added efficiency significantly reduces the time spent on routine onboarding chores for both employees and HR professionals.

New Feature! Interactive W-4

Interactive federal, state and local W-4 now improves the onboarding process by completely removing all paper W-4 forms. Based on employees' home and work locations, the correct federal, state and local forms are presented and built-in intelligence eliminates errors in data and calculations.

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Accuracy, Compliance

The guided process provides controls for improved data accuracy and integration with any HRIS or payroll system, and it minimizes risk by promoting consistent onboarding practices across dispersed hiring locations.

Immediate ROI

Electronic onboarding reduces the cost of collecting, reporting and retaining new employee data. No more paper, postage or processing – more time to focus on getting employees productive, faster.

No Signature Needed

Leverage "e-sign" legislation that allows employers to gather employee data electronically including: I-9, W-4, state forms, company policy forms, direct deposit enrollment, employment application, personal information, emergency contacts…any paper form you use.


"With documentation now completed online, the system was centralized and streamlined, paper and shipping costs were reduced, error prone manual entry was eliminated, and processing time was saved."

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